Course Materials: Business and Management

Course Materials
Business Plan Documents
Code of Conduct
Group Grade Criteria
  Group Members Peer Evaluation Form
  Peer Evaluation Form
  Presentation Critique Sheet
  Project Requirements Sheet 1
  Project Requirements Sheet 2
Plan Worksheet
  Critter Sitters Business Plan
  Fantastic Florals Business Plan
  Navi Pet Business Plan
  Book Online on How to Start your Own Business
  Article on Starting a Business.
Career Management Documents
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Career Management Individual Documents Decision Making Process
Career Paper Going The Distance
Career Paper Going Into The Future
Career Paper Requirements
Career Article
Ethics Documents
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Ethics Individual Documents
10 Ethical Mistakes To Avoid
5 Rules For Ethical Behavior
A High Integrity Organization Is
Harass Him Till He Quits
Honesty And Dependability Article
McDonalds Coffee Case Facts
Pardonable Excercise
Situational Excercises
Windshield Wiper Case
Human Resources and Interpersonal
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Human Resources and Interpersonal Documents
Basic Principles
Basic Principles Index
Constructive Feedback
Expressing Yourself Presenting Thoughts And Ideas
Feedback Dos and Donts
Got People Skills Article
Shared Values For Effective Collaboration
Solving The Basic Problems
Human Resources Motivational
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Human Resources Motivational Documents Theories X Y Z
Human Resources Responsibility
Human Resources Responsibility.pdf
Human Resources Responsibility Documents Organizational Groups
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Leadership Documents Gained In Translation Article
Managers And Leaders
Managers And Leaders2
The Five Most Important Rules Of Grammar
Time Management Spreadsheet
Two Ways To Manage
The Best Leaders
Marketing Values
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Marketing Values Documents Management
Negotiating From Strength
Negotiation Myths
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Team Documents Characteristics Of High Performance Teams
Definition Of A Work Team
Orpheus Article
Orpheus Article2
Rules Of Brainstorming
Stages Of Group Development
Starting A Business Article
Starting Your Own Business Table Of Contents
Teamwork Matrix.pdf
Video Observation Worksheet