New Manager on-boarding/assimilation

Will work with Hiring Manager, new hire and his/her team to assure both personal and team success. Through assessment, feedback exercises, and team activities, the new manager will establish a plan to align expectations for personal and group success.

Pre-hire Assessment

Will provide the Hiring Manager or Human Resources Recruitment Professional an in depth selection process that includes everything from scoping the key competencies of the position to interviewing potential applicants and recommending the candidate that will most likely be the best cultural fit for the organization and will perform most productively and successfully in the position.

Team Development

Team development services help teams reach their peak performance by improving communication, trust, decision-making, collaboration, accountability, and respect among team members. Work with client organizations and their key teams to better define the team's core purpose, rules of engagement, and the advantages of working together.

Team Development

  • Encourages individual leaders and teams to align goals with organization strategy
  • Accelerates the performance of newly formed teams
  • Ensures teams stay focused, efficient, and effective
  • Helps members adjust to new and different team dynamics

All teams are unique and act accordingly; teams at various levels of the organization require different team building skills. All team building efforts involve understanding the unique challenges faced by each team and identifying the strengths that individual team members will bring to the table. Custom solutions are designed that will have a meaningful and enduring impact on the team's and the organization's continuing success.

Successful leadership teams communicate messages with greater clarify, make decisions more effectively and efficiently, and ultimately deliver the desired business results by aligning the entire organization around strategies and actions that build organizational strength and agility.

Meeting Facilitation

Experienced and unbiased meeting facilitators bring a sense of fairness and professionalism to group meetings, helping to ensure efficiency, productivity, and harmony.

Meeting facilitation begins by working with organization leaders to define meeting objectives and identity the key stakeholders, essential participants, and organizational sponsors. This is followed by developing a well-planned meeting agenda that includes the proper balance of presentations, group activities, and open discussions.

Comprehensive planning efforts and facilitator experience result in a well-run meeting that employs business-based measures of success to clearly identify a meeting's achievements.

Meeting facilitators work with the organization post-meeting to ensure the meeting's agreements come to fruition and action plans are executed. This is followed by planning and implementing follow-up events, status meetings, and progress checkups.

Facilitated meetings include:

  • Offsite retreats
  • Strategic planning and action planning
  • Team building
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution

Change Management

Tailored to meet your needs, Change Management services help your organization deal with the human side of change by improving employee involvement, commitment, and trust. These services give your managers the tools and understanding they need to lead the organization in new directions, providing greater organizational agility, enhancing organizational effectiveness, and transforming change into positive process.

Change Management Workshops

Change Management workshops for all levels of your organizations — from senior leadership to individual contributors — provide numerous benefits that help individuals deal with change:

  • View change as an opportunity for personal growth and organizational innovation
  • Understand the change process and dynamics
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Embrace change and become active problem solvers
  • Manage the effect of change on productivity

Team Development

Professionally facilitated team development sessions enable organizations to re-build a work group after downsizing, jump-start a newly formed team, and resolve team conflicts brought on by change. The sessions begin with a positive orientation that fosters openness and trust within a team. The experienced consulting team will help you accelerate time to productivity, manage the impact of change, minimize turnover, and increase employee loyalty by acknowledging and addressing individual and team needs during times of transition.


Provide one-on-one coaching for managers and leaders chartered with leading the change process. Coaching can help them increase their skill set, be more attuned to the needs of employees during times of uncertainty, and align their part of the organization with new strategic directions.