Executive Coaching

Highly tailored coaching programs provide executives with the skills and insight needed to improve managerial effectiveness, increase leadership impact, and advance organizational performance.

The process begins by identifying critical organizational issues, including company culture, business strategy, and short and long-term objectives. This information is combined with the executive's role, personal style, existing strengths, and leadership capabilities to create a customized program.

Executive Coaching is an excellent way to:

  • Prepare your most talented leaders for career growth
  • Help new managers become more productive in less time
  • Add critical capabilities to the skill sets of current professionals
  • Assist leaders to manage through times of change
  • Support and complement your succession planning initiatives

Steps in The Executive Coaching Process

The change team, comprised of the individual's direct manager, a human resource representative, and the coach, work together to develop agreed upon outcome targets of the candidate. Coaching includes regular sessions with candidates, periodic sessions with the change team, and possible training of a peer as a coach. Coaching will help the candidate:

  • Determine development assets and liabilities-as shown through interviews and assessments
  • Identify career success issues and potential career "stallers and stoppers"
  • Determine desired behavioral outcomes through individual coaching sessions
  • Identify perceived barriers and reactions that would help or hinder effective changes

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