Hire Me, Inc.: Package Yourself to Get Your Dream Job

Comprehensive job search guide with an entrepreneurial twist

This innovative book helps you think of yourself as owning your own company— positioning yourself as the sole product. Hire Me, Inc. puts you in charge of marketing yourself through all phases of the job search. The cover letter presents the “product” and demonstrates its competitive advantage. Business cards and resumes brand the applicant. The interview is the sales pitch. It’s a whole new concept of how you can present yourself—as a special commodities the hiring organization must have. This theme is carried through the entire job search process, from researching job openings and attending job fairs, to applying and interviewing, to negotiating the final offer. Exercises and activities make this book interactive.

From the Back Cover

Become the Next Big Thing

Entrepreneurial thinking grew Starbucks from a mom and pop coffee shop to a global brand. Donald Trump used it to move from a run-of-the-mill real estate investor to a mega-millionaire. And, now, it can change the way you tackle job hunting forever. Instead of being a job seeker, envision yourself in a uniquely entrepreneurial way-as the ultimate product.

Your company is Hire Me, Inc.-and you are its only product. From packaging to features and benefits to negotiation, Roy J. Blitzer shows you how to present and sell yourself the way a CEO would sell his best product. Use this easy to read, easy to absorb, easy to implement method and you’ll never approach a job opportunity the same way again. The result will put you one step ahead of the competition and hiring companies will be convinced they can’t function without you.

Get the ultimate job by packaging yourself as the ultimate product!